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Kurds in Europe

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Kurds in Europe

PostAuthor: Savy » Sun May 18, 2008 11:19 pm

I wonder how Kurds are viewed in Europe. Are they wanted? They are more tolerated then Arabs, Turks or any other Mid-Easterns? What do Europeans think about Kurds -both immigrant kurds and Kurdish nation? DO they have any sympathy towards Kurds?
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Kurds in Europe



Re: Kurds in Europe

PostAuthor: Diri » Tue May 27, 2008 11:33 pm

Sweden and the UK are the most tolerant to immigrants of all the European countries, I would say... But it's hard to pin down one whole country, really, since there are both tolerant and intolerant elements depending on where you are in a country + who you are and what your background is...

Nice topic, though...

The average European (ca. 30-35 years old guy/girl) knows who the Kurds are (an ethnic group from the Middle East) - but will not be able to give detailed information on the subject of Kurds and Kurdistan and Kurdish history or Kurdish politics...

They will either know that Selaheddîn was Kurdish, that Telebanî is Kurdish, or that Kurdistan is in "Northern Iraq" - the other parts of Kurdistan have not enjoyed the same attention the last few years since 2003...

Few ethnic Europeans - mostly those in metropols and those who've got Kurdish friends/acquaintances - will know "a lot" about Kurds and Kurdistan...
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