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NEW NEW NEW Business thread for all YOUR links and IDEAS

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NEW NEW NEW Business thread for all YOUR links and IDEAS

PostAuthor: Anthea » Wed Jul 17, 2019 1:48 pm

Reasons why your marketing is not working

    Poor business marketing results
    Growth is not happening
    Are your sales decreasing
Consider some of the most common reasons:

Reason 1: You have failed to do a SWOT analysis and skipped marketing strategy and planning

It might feel like your business is saving time and being more productive by skipping strategy and planning sessions. Without a SWOT analysis and marketing strategy you are going to suffer in the long term

Proper, Precise Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

Without planning, you risk wasting time, money and effort on:

    Marketing activities that don’t reach the right audience and fail to help you achieve business goals

    Complex, confusing or mismatched branding, design and content. The messages communicated do not tell people who you are, what you do, why you are better than your competitors and how people can benefit from using your products and services

    You need a USP (Unique Selling Point)

With no clarity or direction and an assortment of different tactics to choose from, your marketing activities and budget can spiral out of control - without any real return

Reason 2: You’re trying too hard to do everything

New marketing ideas and growth ideas are shared daily. It can be easy for you or your marketing department to get caught up in trends and stories of overnight successes. Do not let excitement guide marketing decisions. Do the following:

    Review the new idea critically. If it worked for a tech brand, will it really help you sell face-to-face accounting services?

    Understand what else needs to be done to roll out your new activity. For example, a new social media network might require specific, time-consuming content.

    Consider how introducing something new will impact your workload.

    Work out how spending less time on existing activities could affect marketing performance.
If new activities are constantly being added to your marketing plan, to-do lists will grow, but available time will not. Marketing takes time and effort. Even growth hacks don’t happen overnight – they require preparation, planning and review. When your business commits to too many marketing activities, it can spread itself too thinly to see results.

KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Reason 3: You’re still doing what worked in 2010

Keeping an eye on what’s happening around your business is incredibly important. If competitors, industry changes and customers are not being researched regularly, it will be much harder to create relevant messages and deliver marketing that drives action.

Your marketing strategy is not a document that you create once & forget – it needs to be reviewed and updated gegularly. Doing so successfully requires research and performance analysis

Remember: times change. Just because something worked in 2010, does not mean that it will work now.

Reason 4: You are not measuring marketing performance or collecting feedback

If you are investing time and money in marketing, you need to be measuring performance and asking for customer feedback. Making decisions based on ‘gut feelings’ or vanity metrics (i.e. number of followers) will not help your business grow. Performance data and customer feedback (sadly >80% of customers will NOT provide feedback but WILL complain to family, friends and business associates about bad services and poor quality), combined with the research mentioned in reason 3, can help you or your marketer:

    Understand what’s working and what is not

    Allocate time and budget to the right activities

    Better understand what your target audience wants, likes and needs.

    Make changes that generate marketing and business growth.
Reason 5: You don’t ask for help until you’re in trouble

It is too easy to panic call in the marketing consultants, business advisors, accountants and coaches after things have gone terribly wrong. However, it is more logical and effective to ask for tips & assistance while things are still going well. This often costs less money and takes less time. It allows you to future-proof your marketing and your business, while taking the steps required to achieve your goals.
Good Thoughts Good Words Good Deeds
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NEW NEW NEW Business thread for all YOUR links and IDEAS



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