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WHO were the members of the International Forum on ISIS?????

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WHO were the members of the International Forum on ISIS?????

PostAuthor: Anthea » Fri Jul 12, 2019 3:15 pm

Final Declaration of the
International Forum on ISIS

The International Forum On ISIS: Dimensions, challenges, and confrontation strategies, closed in Amude on Monday night

Three days of debates, discussions, testimonies and proposals, which brought together hundreds of people from all over the world.

The Western Kurdistan (Rojava to the traitors who try to deny the existence of Kurdistan) Center for Strategic Studies invited more than 200 people, including politicians, researchers and representatives of civil society institutions from multiple countries.

Over the course of three days, the participants discussed various aspects of ISIS terrorism, including political, historical, military, security, cultural, religious, economic, social, and human rights, as well as the issue of women and the persecution of women through their direct, written or visual contributions and discussions.

Participants who could not attend also participated in the forum via videos, letters and messages

The participants said in a final declaration that they "appreciated the pioneering role played by the People's and Women's Protection Units (YPG and YPJ) and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in ending ISIS physical presence with the support of the International Coalition Against Terrorism. They also praised the secure and stable conditions enjoyed by the self-administration areas of North and East Syria."

The Final declaration reads as follows:

"We, as the administration of Rojava Center for Strategic Studies (NRLS), express our deep thanks and appreciation to all the participants and their valuable discussions and questions; we raise our recommendations to the international community.

These recommendations are the most important points agreed upon during the forum sessions aimed at total elimination of terrorism, and prevent ISIS from reorganizing itself and destabilizing security and stability in Syria, the Middle East and the world.

Below are the recommendations:

1. Develop a joint strategy with the coalition and the international community to combat security, intellectual, cultural, economic and social aspects of ISIS terrorism.

2. In order for ISIS not to reorganize itself, there is a need to establish security and stability in the region. This requires support for self-administration in various areas.

3. Despite the enormous sacrifices made by the People's and Women's Protection Units and the Syrian Democratic Forces to protect the region and the world from terrorism, and despite the constructive role played by the self-administration of North and East Syria during the years of the Syrian crisis, the lack of participation of Syria's residents in negotiations to resolve the Syrian crisis is a gross injustice against the components of the region, which is a negative factor affecting the issue of security and political stability. Therefore, the concerned authorities and the international powers should involve the political administration in the north and east of Syria in the process of negotiations with adequate representation.

4. To find a solution to the Syrian crisis and the region, there is a need for a new democratic system that cuts off the sources that produced the extremist organizations. The democratic nation as an integrated system with its dimensions and components is a model of solution and a peace project if it is developed.

5. In pursuance of Security Council resolutions relating to counter-terrorism and justice, an international tribunal should be established in northern and eastern Syria to prosecute tens of thousands of members of ISIS and their families, who are detained in self administration camps. International coalition should provide material and logistical support to assist the self-administration in this realization.

6. In terms of the perpetration of genocide against women, and in order to protect women's freedom and dignity, there is a need for a new political, and social system that guarantees the rights of women in all spheres.

7. As a result of violence against children by ISIS, it is necessary to view children as victims of war, rehabilitate them and integrate them into their communities of origin, and protect them by providing a safe and stable environment for them.

8. Emphasis on the spirituality of religions and their moral values ​​by highlighting the concept of democratic Islam in the face of radical Islam; the spirituality of Islam and the generality of religions reinforce the moral aspects of societies, and that does not represent Islam.

9. Given the exposure of the Kurdish Yezidis and Yezidi women in Shengal to genocide by ISIS, it is necessary for the United Nations to recognize this genocide and ensure the rights of the Yezidis in Iraq by recognizing their rights and respecting their choices. This is necessary to protect these people from a new annihilation.

10. Afrin is subjected to demographic change and ethnic cleansing by jihadist and extremist factions, which are supported by the Turkish occupation state. It is a continuation of the Mujahedeen and the al-Nusra Front under different names. Therefore, combating these organizations is necessary for the security of the region and the world as a whole.

11. Make the day of 23rd March, the day of the end of ISIS geographically, the International Day to Celebrate the Elimination of Terrorism."

Who ran/organised the form?

If this was an International Forum why was it not held on neutral ground such as Brussels?

If this was an International Forum on ISIS why is was it not run by the UN?

What part did the Yazidis play in this forum?

Now that ISIS have, for the most part, been removed from Yazidi lands, may we have assurance that other non-Yazidi peoples will be removed from the land and a UN international peacekeeping force be provided to protect the Yazidis from any and all non-Yazidi intervention, attack or invasion

We would like a list of participants and the countries/organisations that they represent

We wish to complain strongly about the removal of the term Western Kurdistan and the lack of respect being shown to the original Kurdish inhabitants of Western Kurdistan and those who fought and died for
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WHO were the members of the International Forum on ISIS?????



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